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Which Robotics you'll find

Humans and Robots can work together!

Collaboration between humans and robots can envisage the case of pure workspace sharing, in which human and robot work on autonomous or coordinated tasks without the need of physical contact, or of voluntary exchange of forces to achieve a common goal.

Robots can help people with motor impairments!

For people experiencing severe motor impairments, daily life activities, such as getting dressed or fed, might be difficult or impossible, thus requiring a constant presence of caregivers for assistance. Robotic systems can certainly help such people in improving their life quality by providing some sort of autonomy in the executing of some activities and by reducing the needs of a constant presence of a caregiver.

Explore the seabed using Robots!

Underwater robotics is a challenging task since it implies control of a non-linear system in an unstructured environment. In case of the presence of a manipulator, the system redundancy has to be taken into account. Kinematic control, dynamic control and interaction control of underwater robotic systems have been object of our research.

The sky is closer with UAVs!

Thanks to aerial robotics, applications such as environment monitoring, coastal areas and sea monitoring and surveillance are easier to get. Distributed team of aerial robots could be used to obtain a robust solution to face these problems. Moreover, UAVs could help humans in industry scenarios where it is hard to reach particular structures that should be fixed.